Reception is the scheduling hub for our practice and the point through which many forms of critical communication passes. Appointments are made, phone calls are routed, messages are taken, faxes are distributed and mail is delivered. Reception is responsible for knowing where everyone is, what they are doing and how they can be reached.

Our receptionists truly want you to feel at ease from your very first phone call to our office. They understand that infertility has its own language and you are calling to make an appointment for a test or procedure that you may have questions about or results that need additional explanation. They take pride in helping you reach the person who can answer your questions. They recognize that you have a busy life and work hard to schedule appointments at your convenience. Many times, our receptionists are the first and last people you see at each visit. They take your dream of having a child seriously. They want to do whatever it takes to make this journey as pleasant as possible.