After it has been determined that a couple needs in vitro fertilization (IVF) they will meet with an IVF coordinator. Coordinators are highly trained in the treatment of infertility using Assisted Reproductive Technologies or ART. They will explain the entire IVF process in detail from pre-cycle testing through the retrieval and transfer process. In addition, they are extremely knowledgeable in donor sperm, donor egg, egg freezing, and PGD/PGS (whether using fresh or frozen embryos).   The coordinators are the primary contact and resource for IVF patients, and they will continue working with the patient all the way through the IVF cycle and after conception. The coordinators understand the “infertility roller coaster.” They know you are learning a new vocabulary and rearranging your schedule to accommodate the demands of work-up and treatment all during what may be the most stressful time of your life. They are uniquely qualified and extremely dedicated to helping couples realize their dream of giving birth to a healthy child.