Parents With Baby In BedInfertility is complex and different for every couple. Sometimes, the factors causing infertility aren’t solved by following a textbook approach. In these cases, more advanced options need to be considered. Dr. Miller is committed to taking a closer look at innovations that could help a couple achieve a successful pregnancy. Our physicians believe in exhausting every possible diagnostic and treatment angle for each couple. Dr. Miller and team are trained in the latest innovations to help a couple fulfill their dreams of starting a family.
The causes of infertility are not always easily recognizable. Our specialists may recommend a variety of diagnostic tests that can help determine how to proceed. We begin with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Miller, a medical history review, and baseline tests for each partner, to evaluate female hormone levels and egg quality, and male sperm count.
Please bring your medical records to your first appointment. These records contain important information about your personal and family health history, your gynecologic history, and any previous infertility work-ups and treatment. Dr. Miller will reference this important data when planning your treatment.

Given the importance of the ground covered during the work-up stage, we strongly ecnourage both partners to attend. Once your work-up is complete, our physicians will meet with you and your partner to discuss the findings and recommended treatment plan.