Her Own View: A Patient’s Journey Through IVF-  And The Results Are In…

Her Own View: A Patient’s Journey Through IVF- And The Results Are In…

Well… Dan and I are happy to announce, we are PREGNANT!! Dr. Miller has done it again! I took the beta test 10 days post 5 day transfer (10dp5dt), and my level was 428. To ensure you have a viable pregnancy, beta levels must double every 48 hours. I had to do a repeat blood test 13dp5dt to make sure my levels were doubling, and they were over 2600. This was exactly what we wanted to see and meant I had a viable pregnancy!

A week later, I went in for repeat blood test/ultrasound, and we saw a yolk sack and heard a heartbeat of 120 beats per minute. When the ultrasound tech was looking for the heartbeat, she had a blank face, and I was just trying to stay calm. Then I heard the heartbeat and felt such relief. I know you are thinking, “why isn’t she more excited?” I feel that after you have had losses you can never truly enjoy the moment. It’s always like “well, I hope I see a heartbeat the next time.” You only know there is a baby in there while you’re seeing it on the screen. As soon as you leave the doctor’s office, you’re anxiously awaiting the next ultrasound. But, you have to celebrate the little things so Dan and I remained cautiously optimistic…a term that perfectly describes this process.

Our 7 week ultrasound

Our 6 week ultrasound

My beta levels were also checked again and they had increased appropriately! I am experiencing pretty bad nausea (yay!), but I am trying to eat light and healthy. Thankfully, I have not experienced any bleeding, which is markedly different that my other pregnancies and makes this pregnancy feel a little different.

I am still on daily Progesterone in Oil shots (100mg), Estradiol (8mg), Lovenox 40mg, Baby Aspirin, synthetic Folic Acid and a prenatal vitamin.

I’m almost 7 weeks pregnant now, so everything is moving in the right direction. To be completely honest with you all, I am still hesitant to let myself feel completely happy due to my history of miscarriage, so I’m going to weekly therapy to help process my feelings. Every time before I go to the bathroom, I wonder if I’ll see spotting or bleeding. Fortunately, each week passes and so far we are where we need to be. My next appointment is in about a week and I will see Dr. Miller every week until I am 8 weeks at which time I will graduate to seeing my regular OB.

Dan and I hope and pray for a successful and healthy pregnancy! Wish us luck!


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