Introducing Dr. Cholkeri-Singh: Healing with Heart

Introducing Dr. Cholkeri-Singh: Healing with Heart

When I first heard our practice was starting a blog, I couldn’t wait to write my first post. I plan to write about a variety of topics, but thought it was important for you to get to know me, understand the reason I became a physician and why helping women is so important to me.

My journey into medicine began when I was only five years old. I watched my mom struggle with a medical condition, and I desperately wanted to help fix her. As I grew older, my mom had us volunteer in shelters, and I began to enjoy servicing my community. It was then I figured out how to combine the two passions – becoming a physician would allow me to help my community and heal those with medical issues.

I specialize in gynecologic care and surgery, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Going through my clinical rotations as a medical student, I was exposed to a variety of specialties. At first, I was drawn toward primary care because of the appeal of building long-term relationships with my patients, but at the same time, I was intrigued by surgery and the journey it takes to help cure a patient of his/her suffering.

My competing interests made it difficult for me to pick a specialty, and it wasn’t until my last medical school clinical rotation in OB/GYN that I knew for sure where I wanted to be. This field allowed for continuity of care with women while also incorporating surgical therapy for those where primary medical therapies failed. I was drawn to the subspecialty of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and pursued a fellowship to refine my skills in surgery. This has enabled me to offer advanced surgical solutions to my patients with improved recovery times, and I am truly grateful that I am able to fulfill my childhood dream as a result.

As a physician, I understand that my patients want to feel heard and validated. They motivate me to listen, be patient and go the extra mile. I always try to be humble and treat patients to the best of my ability while constantly striving for excellence in care.

The best part of my job is receiving the smiles, the hugs and thank yous from patients whom I have helped. Whether it be providing medical counsel or performing a successful surgery to improve quality of life, their gratitude is priceless to me.

As a leading educator in the world, I am very thankful for the opportunities to teach and learn from colleagues across the globe.  Not many physicians have this opportunity, so I embrace the opportunity, and I have grown significantly as a physician and human being because of it.

As Dr. Miller said in his post, we truly want this blog to be a resource for our patients and others looking for support in meeting their health goals. I’m excited to be a part of this blog and look forward to hearing from you.  Reach out to us in the comments below or contact us through our website and be sure to follow our Facebook page.

Wishing you the best of health,
Dr. Cholkeri-Singh

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